At some point in our lives, we all need a little guidance. Whether it’s our relationships, career, or the stressors of daily life, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. It can feel impossible to accomplish your goals or become the best version of yourself when you feel anxious or lost.

 As an online therapist and coach, I provide a private practice experience on your terms. Online therapy or coaching eliminates the travel and time cost of the in-person alternative and is an ideal option for people with busy schedules, medical disabilities, children, or for those who travel often.


To learn more about me, visit my bio page.

To learn more about the online therapy experience, see the FAQ section below and read my post on the advantages of online therapy vs. in-person therapy.

+ What kind of clients do you see?

I see adults who reside in the state of Florida. If you do not reside in Florida, I can provide online life coaching services. Therapy practice is governed by state licensing boards and therefore online counseling/therapy across the state lines is not possible. Online sessions are not suitable when you are experience acute distress or when you recognize that you are in danger of hurting yourself and/or others. In such instances, please call 911. If you are not in immediate danger but would like to speak with someone, you can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

+ What is the difference between counseling/therapy and coaching?

Both counseling and coaching enable individuals to pursue personal growth through supportive reflection, insight, and skills training. For more information on the differences between counseling and coaching, please read my post on the topic.

+ How effective is online therapy vs. traditional in-person therapy?

Multiple studies indicate that online therapy is just as effective (if not more, in some cases) than traditional in-person therapy. For more information, you can reference the research listed by the Telebehavioral Health Institute.

+ How secure/private is online therapy?

All video sessions are conducted via a HIPAA compliant and highly secure site. All paperwork is completed through an online portal and stored in a secure online vault. Any online communication via email is also secure and encrypted. For more information regarding the secure online client portal and my encrypted email service, you can visit the iCouch and Hushmail websites.

+ How long is a typical session?

Sessions are 50 minutes long. If you would like to schedule a longer session, please contact me so I can see how I can accomodate you.

+ Do you offer evening and weekend slots?

Yes, I am available during non-traditional working hours and can work with your schedule.

+ How do I pay?

Payment is due in full the day of your session. I accept all major credit cards, online bank transfers, and Venmo. For more information regarding payment, see my fee page.

+ What are some tips & best practices for online sessions?

  • Find a quiet, distraction free space for the duration of session
  • Check your WiFi or network connection prior to session
  • It can be optimal to use headphones with a microphone so that you can be hand's free
  • Turn your phone on vibrate or silent and let others know that you will be unavailable during your session time