Why online therapy might be right for you

Every person deserves to have access to quality therapy but being bound to a physical location can limit you from receiving the kind of help you need. Studies have shown that online counseling is just as effective (if not more, in some cases) than traditional in-person therapy. Online counseling can be used as treatment for a wide variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. While everyone can benefit from the convenience of working with an online therapist, the benefits could be even greater depending on your location and circumstances. Online counseling might be right for you if…

You have a busy schedule, work non-traditional hours, or travel often

It can be difficult to tell if therapy is effective if your schedule prevents you from regularly attending sessions. Since I began my online practice, I’ve had much fewer cancellations than when I worked at a traditional office due to my clients being able to schedule a session with me when it is most convenient for them. With flexible scheduling and the ability to connect virtually, all the client really needs to worry about is making sure they have a private, quiet space for an hour.

You live in an area where it’s difficult to travel for therapy

Whether it’s distance or heavy traffic, a challenging commute can be a barrier to seeing a therapist in person. Traveling or organizing a ride eats away at your valuable time and can turn the counseling process into yet another frustrating chore. Online therapy eliminates this inconvenience so you can focus on getting the most out of your experience.

You have difficulties finding childcare in order to attend therapy

This struggle especially impacts single parents and new parents. The hassle and expense of finding childcare prevents many people from attending therapy during a time when they may need it most. It can also be difficult to concentrate on self-care when you are worried about leaving young children at home. Online therapy allows you to get the help you need in your own space so that you can focus on prioritizing your needs in session.

You have a medical condition that prevents you from attending therapy

Medical concerns can be a huge barrier to adequately addressing mental or emotional issues through counseling. The symptoms of a chronic illness can be unpredictable and debilitating. Any medical condition that limits your mobility can make physically attending therapy a hardship. The option to forgo counseling often leads to an increase in psychological distress that can aggravate medical conditions. Online therapy has the potential to disrupt this negative feedback loop so that clients with medical conditions can still work to achieve their counseling goals without the physical strain of attending therapy in person.

You have privacy concerns

As much as society has embraced mental health treatment in recent years, there is still a stigma around seeing a therapist. If you work in a certain profession or live in an insulated community, you may have concerns about being seen physically attending therapy. Although there is nothing shameful about going to counseling, online therapy can be a way for you to get help privately without the added anxiety of walking into an office. 

The options for therapy are limited in your community

The recipe for success in therapy relies heavily on one crucial ingredient: the relationship you have with your therapist. Finding an online therapist that is the best match for your needs can allow you to have an optimal experience without being limited by location.

You care about the environment.

By eliminating the commute, you’re choosing the greenest option when you meet with a therapist online vs. in an office.


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